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goods at the highest quality levels.” Fiber Industries is now making its own history. The company has upgraded many of its sytems using modern technology. They are also focused on developing a highly col- laborative model to create innovative and sustainable high quality polyester stable fiber. This fiber product is used in leading fabrics and garments that fits today’s highly com- petitive pricing, sustainability and fulfillment requirements. “What we make is a product that was developed over 80 years ago to be a replace- ment for or a supplement to cotton,” explains Bockoven. “It’s a raw material that goes to yarn spinners, then to weavers and finally to the fabric makers. Our polyester staple fiber is ideal for high-end performance fabric, work- wear, knit goods, automotive applications and just about anything that involves fabric.” Key to this, Bockoven emphasizes, is collabo- ration with customers, universities and new tech start-ups to bring a product or application to life. “Partnership is our passion,” he says. “The foundation of our success is to provide optimal customer service and clear communication to formulate anddeliver sustainable and innovative fiber solutions for the specific product needs.” South Carolina Manufacturing Fiber Industries is located in Darlington, South Carolina. Building on a significant investment o f f s h o r e manufacturing and the supply chain disruption in waiting for goods from overseas. Back in 2008, labor costs in Asia were considerably less than domestic labor. Today, the gap has closed that enables a more competitive dynamic bar- ring any foreign government subsidies..” He also points to additional issues on the minds of both consumers and corporate boards that are driving the renaissance of American manufacturing. “Improving our technology and manufacturing processes isn’t just about being more cost-efficient, it is also about how we deal with climate change and sustainabil- ity. Our sustainability strategy is essential to our core values and is what our customers appreciate about us. Perhaps most important- ly, we strive to build on the great history of this plant of delivering the best quality. This is our ‘go back to the future’ strategy. Where Fiber Industries and American manufacturing in general stands out is our ability to produce Pictured: Fiber team members working together in spinning. INDUSTRY TODAY 5 4 INDUSTRY TODAY PROFILE | FIBER INDUSTRIES FIBER INDUSTRIES | PROFILE