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the US and Canada. “Government incentives, social awareness and technological innovation are all combining to the growing embrace of electric vehicles.” She is quick to add, however, “We’re still learning about how to best integrate electrifi- cation into our customer transit agencies. We are examining data from the telemetric sys- tems and collaborating with transit agencies to understand and establish with them the best way to account for their needs relative to the best routes and charging practices. And of course we continue to offer hybrid buses which can serve as a step into electrification for the agencies as well as our natural gas and diesel option to ensure that the agencies can meet their immediate transportation needs as they ramp up to electrify their fleet. One step to wider acceptance of electric buses and zero emission transportation is the recent unveiling of the new Nova Bus 100 percent elec- tric, long-range dual charging bus, the LFSe+. The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) recently placed order for three LFSe+ buses is just the latest example of the Nova Bus commitment to electrification and sustainable modes of transportation. Energized Transport The new all-electric LFSe+ bus is built on the proven and reliable Nova Bus stainless steel LFS platform. With modular battery options capa- ble of storing up to 564 kilowatts of on-board FULL PAGE ADVERTISEMENT Pictured: Nova Bus LFSe+ 100% Battery Electric in full action. Battery Electric, Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric & Zero Emission Capable Hybrid Electric Drive Solutions 4 INDUSTRY TODAY PROFILE | NOVA BUS